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  • Donna Frasca

Channel From Archangel Gabriel- Transition

“It is time to give the body a rest. Feelings of disorientation as the mind, body, and Spirit reconnect are common now. During this time of transition, the mind plays tricks - should I be doing something now? Am I doing the right thing today? Are the choices I make for myself the correct ones?

When there are many questions with few answers, there is one suggestion we make for you - stop. Stop what you are doing and let your body and mind catch up to your Spirit.

Slow down, rest, drink, and be. Do that which brings you joy and ease. Life ebbs and flows. During the time when you have that feeling of displacement, know that your body needs to repair, heal, and grow.

When this stage is complete, you will feel elated.Life has many sequences of time, none of which should be rushed.”

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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