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  • Donna Frasca

Chakra Blends: Combining Two Chakras Into One Color

My tagline for this blog is “From Color To The Cosmos.” The COLOR part comes from my 30+ years in the Design field as an Interior Designer who specializes in color. For me, color goes WAY beyond what the average person sees represented as a hue. I invite you to look at my other blog at Decorating by Donna to find out how I tie these two worlds in.

In this blog, is the COSMOS part of that tagline and here is where the Chakra details come in. Today, I'd like to continue to share my two worlds with you and show you my CHAKRA BLENDS.

Chakra Blends designed by Donna Frasca

On the left is the sky blue Throat Chakra. This Chakra is all about not only speaking one's truth but also being able to listen. It's communication, self expression and really all about your inner voice.

On the right is the beautiful yellow Solar Plexus. This Chakra is where your joy, empowerment, will power, freedom of choice and the ego reside.

Since color is my forté I thought it would be super cool to see what happens when we take two Chakras and blend them together at the center. What color do we get? Let's see!

Here's a little color lesson for everyone. Blue + Yellow = Green. Remember that from Elementary school? Well maybe not but I sure was paying attention.

So now we have a beautiful green which just happens to be the color fo the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra as we know encompasses love, compassion, forgiveness and relationships.

What happens when we join the meaning of the Throat Chakra and the Solar Plexus? We get green.

“Speak (Throat Chakra) with the joy (Solar Plexus) from your Heart (Heart Chakra.)

You'd be surprised how you'd chance if you spoke freely and with love, from your inner joy. When you speak that which brings you joy, how can you NOT love that?

See how this works? Stay tuned for more!

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