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  • Donna Frasca

How Did The Lion's Gate Energy Affect You?

We are constantly surrounded by all types of energies from the pull of the moon, the occasional eclipses and energy portals such as the Lion's Gate. As we 'survive' these energy surges, we should be learning and growing within ourselves, if we don't, we are not growing and remaining stagnant. Here's what I feel coming out of this energy surge.

I am pulling out of the Lion's Gate energy with this:

• • I ate way too much yellow (solar plexus foods) the last few days - pasta, corn, beans, crackers, beer.

• • I feel both strong and light with an overwhelming feeling of confidence (loving that Lion energy)

• • No need to 'prove who I am' with reviews, testimonials or showing certificates on my revised blog ( because my blog and my journey is about sensing, feeling and seeing, not showing or proving. This will be felt by the words I write and photos I share.

• • I feel my aura has become stronger, not as in like shield but like as an extension of my heart - all that I am and love is 'around me'

• • I finally got to the point of 100% trust. I've experienced SO much the past few years, discernment now comes with ease.

How do you feel? What did you learn about yourself?

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