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  • Donna Frasca

How To Clean Your Crystal Balls

Have you noticed that when we are in the Full Moon phase, people start getting their crystals out to cleanse them? Sure! They gather up all their rocks and set them outside to be purified, recharged and cleansed by the moon light or just place them on the windowsill. Well, that never really resonated with me and now, I have a much better way to clean my rocks.

Instead of cleaning my crystals in the moon light, I've taken it up a few notches. I now take my special crystal balls and take them IN the salted bath with me (totally safe for these.) This way they are infused with my energy and intentions. THAT's a mighty clean crystal!

While I was reclined in the tub I placed this crystal under my chin near my Throat Chakra. I then said out loud,

"I infuse this crystal with my body, my energy and all my chakras. This will be my crystal to Transmute. Since this crystal is now part of my body, all I have to do is set the intention to change, shift, transmute my chakras, thoughts or emotions to better suit my highest good."

As so it is.

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