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  • Donna Frasca

“I Want To Dance With My Girls Again” A Message From The Other Side

When it comes to connecting with loved ones on the other side, details are key; otherwise, you’re really just telling a story.

When you get a reading, anyone can say, “oh your Dad loves you” or “your sister is with, you always know that.” Yea, we get that already. What is it about a Mediumship reading that qualifies it to be a Mediumship reading? Details.

In June of 2017, I had an enjoyable experience during a Mediumship reading! I would not have believed it if I was not there myself. After these readings, I always step back and ask, “where did all those details come from?

I realized that a Spirit, on the other side, was working really hard to get this message about the tattoo to me. After all, this was a detail that could make or break this reading.

So I wrote down, “small tattoo on left ankle, possibly a star or sword, the image was hard to see.

When I spoke with the client, I found out that yes, her sister had a tiny tattoo of a devil on her left ankle. That was where I screwed up!!!! Her sister DID show me a devil tattoo, but I put my filter on because I thought the client would be upset about the devil image when, in fact, I needed to say that.

Anywho, it was still awe-inspiring that I noted her passed sister did have a tat on her left ankle, and yes, it was very, very small. That was good.

The reading progressed, and more details about her sister come in that only she and her sister would know, such as how they enjoyed eating baloney sandwiches together. I thought that was so cute and actually heard her sister laugh, and she told me “lol.”

Other passed loved ones came in, one of which was her Dad. I described her Dad to a tee with his silvery-white hair and his blue plaid flannel shirt that he loved to wear. I also noted his name, which is not easy to get but impressive when they give it to me.

“Did your Dad ever dance with you and your sister when you were kids?” I asked my client.

This was apparently a HUGE detail because yes, they, in fact, danced quite often. I then heard my clients’ Dad say, “I want to dance with my girls again.” How beautiful, and I almost cried when I heard this!

The reading continued with messages of love, connection, and how to dance with her Dad again. I often suggest the sitter physically do something to reconnect with their loved ones, and in this case, it was to dance. I asked the sitter to go into a large room of her home, put music on and reach out her hands. Visualize her Dad on one side and her sister on the other. Slowly, with closed eyes, I asked her to dance with them, again. This completed the reading.

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