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What Really Happens When We Get A Reading

Today's Thoughts - the past few days I've been reconnecting with myself and recharging - and it's working. Like anything it's a slow process but one that always moves forward. Although sometimes the journey is so slow it feels like a standstill but it's really not, we are always learning and gathering insights.

Now the great thing about a psychic connection - that is when someone connects with you for a reading - is that most of the time, the information that you receive is information that you basically knew all along right? Do you know why that is?

Because we, the person doing the reading for you, taps into your energy. When that happens we are gathering YOUR energy and YOUR information and pulling it all together. Since this energy comes from you, it's insights that you already know that exists in you. So why does everyone get readings? For validation.

It's awesome to hear someone say to you what you already know - it's like the period at the end of the sentence. When you get a reading it's nice to hear guidance and validation of your inner thoughts and feelings, it's like someone agreeing with you when you are in conversation. This is guidance.

It's always nice when readings add just a few extra insights that you didn't know before or thoughts that just lived in the deep crevices of your mind and really didn't bring it forward.

Why am I saying all this? Because I think it would be awesome for you to read yourself. In order to do this, you should journal a little everyday and write down what you feel and what direction you're going. Those are the insights you should follow.

I recently had a great reading and again it echoed everything I already knew. So why was it good? Because I heard from a trusted source that what I was thinking and feeling was indeed a direction to go to.

This kinda applies to Mediumship readings because that type of reading connects with the energy of our loved ones from the other side. Here again, it's nice to be able to hear what we already know of our loved ones but these types of readings can go generations back and also connect with animal energies which I've done for my clients - it's just way cool!

So to conclude this novel lol, I'm just saying to tap into and trust YOUR thoughts, YOUR energy to get answers for yourself because it will always be right <3

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