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  • Donna Frasca

Which Angels Are Around Me?

As we all know, everything is energy - so are Angels. When you call in an Angel, names don't matter, energy and intentions do. Here's one way you can find your answer.

Yesterday I did a reading for someone who was in Ireland. It was actually pretty cool to be connected to that part of the world.

Anyway, one of her questions were “Which Angels are around me?”

To find this answer many things come into consideration and the reader (me) looks at many factors. One of which is the all over feel of her reading based on images and impressions that are received.

I don't hear messages like “tell her I am (insert Angel name here)” It doesn't work that way.

I look for repeating words or images in a reading then I wait to see a pattern. When I get the feeling (Clairsentience) that I have a name, I intuitively ask (in my mind) what the Angels name is. In her case, I heard “The Angel of Trust.”

Once I get a message I wait to see how it feels and it felt spot on, 100% her Angel.

The cool thing about our Angels is that no name is needed. Sure it's great to know the top ten Angels and what they do but did you know that there are literally thousands of Angels? Who's going to remember all those names? No one and it's not necessary.

So her Angel did not have a name, just a wonderful feeling similar to a friend standing right next to you holding your hand when times are rough.

Know that you have Angels all around you and the one that you need will be the one standing next to you.


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