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  • Donna Frasca

Timeline Jumping: A Channeled Message From My Higher Self

This is one of those times that I just can't explain how this stuff happens; it just does. What's it all about? Timeline Jumping.

I decided just to take it upon myself and ask myself about Time Slips, or Timeline Jumps that I've been hearing about. When you think about it, although it's nice to ask other people if they have experienced these, I now know that I first have to ask myself. So ask I did.

After a hideous day that left me emotionally drained from putting my 18-year-old cat down. I needed some ME time, and I also wanted answers about my Spiritual path.

I ache, my body hurts, and my heart is crying, but I still feel I have control over my Spirit, I'm standing in my power - thank you, Solar Plexus - and feel pretty strong considering. My mind is racing and thirsting for answers, and I will get them. Just last week I said that I was going to take my blog posts up a notch and really dig deep into this amazing Metaphysical world, and I am going full blast with that.

After all the hoopla about the energy of the Retrograde that for me, started in March, I am rebooted and attuned, and I believe I downloaded some new goodies that I have yet to discover - one of them is trust. I trust myself.

Speaking about ME, I asked my Higher Self a few questions about Timeline Jumping or Time Slips, whatever you want to call it, and I was pretty amazed at what came in.

I got three pages of notes that came in so fast I could barely write, as you can see from my juvenile-like writing, but at least I can read it.

When I first went outside right before sunset, my favorite time of day to channel, I noticed this sky. As soon as I saw this sky, I knew it was going to be a special channel about to come through.

I sat down and lit my homemade smudge stick made of rosemary, lavender and cypress. It smelt amazing! The smoke enveloped me, and I felt connected.

I sat down facing West - where Archangel Gabriel holds the compass and just sat with myself.

I picked up my pen and paper and, without thinking, just asked questions. Here are the channeled notes that came through in about 10 minutes at the most.

I know you can't read this, so I typed it out for you. I called in my Guides, Angel Team and my Higher Self. I asked, “What are Time Slips, or What is Timeline Jumping?"

(Me) What are Time Slips, or What is Timeline Jumping?

(Higher Self) Life is like watching an ant walking on a log - so small. You can't see the bigger picture. It's so simple that it becomes complex to most. As you (the ant) walk with the grain, you are guided but once in a while there is an imperfection or knot in the wood and that is where you find yourself.

Most ants (people) get right back on track and not even blink but some wonder why they are there.

These knots in the wood are time zones. They are hard and complex to figure out but it's really not that difficult to see how they work - it's all about time.

(me) What do you mean by “time?”

(Higher Self) It's another place, another space. Some go in; some can't.

(me) What's in there?

(Higher Self) Eyes, wisdom, knowledge.

(me) What does that mean?

(Higher Self) There is a space/place in time you can visit anytime you want - there are holes all over the place - you just have to find one. Sometimes you can see them, sometimes you can feel them.

(me) How do I get to one?

(Higher Self) Look. Open your eyes and SEE. It will jump when you find one.

(me) What are they?

(Higher Self) Time holders - in space and in time.

(me) Am I a Timeline Jumper?

(Higher Self) Yes, you are!

(me) How?

(Higher Self) Not yet --------

(me) Can you tell me more?

(Higher Self) Not now ----------------

(me) Thank you!

So there you have it! Crazy right? Clearly, I need more answers, but apparently, I have to wait, which is fine. I trust my Guides, and I trust myself.

This information was brief, but I caught what I could for today. I will continue this channel another time, but I was told, “not now,” and I will respect that.

This is one amazing journey, and I can't wait to get more answers. I am now off to take a salt bath and recharge and reground for tomorrow.

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