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  • Donna Frasca

How I Accessed My Past Lives for A Past Life Regression

This is one of those posts that is really hard to explain yet I'd like to share it with you to see if there is anyone else who experiences this. It's how I was able to choose a past life during a past life regression meditation.

I'm going to jump right in because I'm sure you're excited to find out how I was able to do this.

First of all, I took a past life regression class and I was in a guided meditation for this. Since it was my first time going back, I had no idea how even to attempt to do this. Now that I know, I am going to try to do it on my own.

This meditation happened about a year ago and I'm surprised I have blogged about it before now. Everything is all about timing as we know.

When any meditation is started, the usual grounding and protection is the first step. Please read my links on both an easy way to ground and more importantly, what you need to know about protecting yourself during your experiences.

So do that first before moving on or at least take note of it until you're ready.

Once all that was done, I was asked to look at all my past lives.

“What?” Look at my past lives?

“How the heck do I do that?”

As a highly clairvoyant person, I of course realized that I had to come up with a visual. If you haven't noticed already, our Spiritual paths are all about honing in to our senses and my #1 gift is to “see” so this was a natural tool for me to use.

So I visualized the graphic you see above. Somehow that just popped into my mind so I'm going to assume that the Angels were helping me along, as they always do, by giving me that visual.

There is that round circle which I'm going to assume is me, my soul. Then there are all those little lines or projectiles coming out from it that I'm going to assume are all my past lives. They were different lengths and different colors which I thought was pretty cool. I'm almost positive that has some significance but as of now, they didn't tell me what it's all about. I'm sure when I'm ready to know or to explore this world a little better, they will tell me.

The person who was guiding me during this regression was linked up to me so she was able to see my visual as well (don't you just love that? See? Nothing is impossible!)

She said, “Perfect! Great visual.”

I was then asked to choose a life to explore. I was like “what????”

Not knowing what to do, I looked at those lines. I then realized that each one of those lines was one of my lives and there were a bunch. I looked and looked at this image in my mind and was inclined to go in-between one of those lines.

THE CAVEMAN: The moment I did that, I was suddenly in a past life! I looked around and was astonished that I no longer saw that spiky image but was now in a life, which happen to be in a cave, as in the Caveman, like our prehistoric ancestors - that's how far I went back!!!!!

Visiting the caveman life only lasted a few seconds but long enough for me to know that I was some type of leader in that tribe and it was up to me to feed, hunt and take care of my people. Once I realized that - I popped out.

Back to the spiky image I went.

Now I was asked to choose another life. I again looked at the spiky image and went in-between two other life lines.

THE INDIAN WOMAN: Now this was a very emotional jump and I burst out in tears almost like I just had relived it.

I saw myself as a young, Indian woman who was in very, very big trouble. I apparently followed my heart and loved someone in the tribe that I was not allowed to. The Chief had different plans for me and when he found out that my heart already belonged to someone else, he was furious!

Acting in anger, he pushed me down. As I fell, my head hit a rock and there as blood all over the place, resulting in death.

***NOTE: At this time in the meditation, my Reiki teacher started saying. “Let her go!” This was freaking me out but I remained in my life, staring at my dead, lifeless body as blood oozed out my head.

My teacher was very aggressive with her words to whatever it was that was “holding” me. She at one point walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder as if to protect me, and continued to say, “let her go!!!!!!”

At this point I was getting upset - not scared upset but angry because someone, something was screwing with me and interfering with my regression.

I then decided to look around while IN my regression.


As I looked around I saw what they call a Shape Changer. It changes shape and it had the body of a horse and the head of a dragon - and it was mad!!!!!!!!

Who was madder? Me.

I did not appreciate that some “thing” was interfering with my journey and I wanted it out! Apparently I'm a leader so taking control of a situation was not a problem.

I turned around with vengeance and yelled quite loudly for being in such a small classroom, “Let me go! You do NOT have permission to be near me ever again now leave!”

Keep in mind I sustained meditation during this entire sequence, my eyes were closed yet I was still IN a past life because I saw the Shapeshifter and I knew I was still in the classroom. Talk about being in control right?

So, that was done and now, onto the next life without skipping a beat.

Think about this for a second. Do you realize how powerful that is? I'm in a regression and getting intimated by a Shape Changer but NOT allowing it to happen. As I was yelling at “it” I saw it grimace and flew out of the way because apparently it had wings too. I've never come across anything like that again. Why? Because the way I commanded it to leave. Keep in mind that words are very powerful.

THE SPIRIT: After all this happened, I had one more life to visit and it was the most profound.

All that we experience is about learning. Once we learn, we finish that “life” and go onto another one.

Well you see here, I've been though a few life lessons as far as my past lives were concerned.

Now that last life that I was shown was the most beautiful and explains so much in my life. Here's how it went down.

All of a sudden I saw a beautiful, rich, green field with two young girls walking hand in hand with each other. The trees were moving in the breeze (remember I told you to look around when you are in a life regression) the field grass was long and the flowers were yellow and all over the place. There was a type of cave to my left (just a reminder of my cave days perhaps because caves are not typically seen in fields.)

Now my position in this life is key here. I was NOT on the ground next to these girls but up in the air, floating slightly above and behind them.

That is a BIG awareness of who I am. Life changing actually.

I remember describing this scene out loud to the class as I did all my lives. After all, it was a class that I was in and a learning experience for not only myself but for everyone, apparently my teacher as well.

“Where are you?” my teacher asked.

“I am above and behind the two little girls.”

“Are you walking with them?”

“No, above and behind them.”


“Floating behind them.”

“Who are you?”

“I am their Guide.”

“Are you human?”


“Are you sure?”


“Are you a Spirit?”


“Who are you to the girls?”

“I am their Guardian Angel. I am protecting and guiding them.”

“What is your name?”

“Joy. Spirit Joy.”


When I was brought out of the regression and opened my eyes and looked around the class, you could hear a pin drop. No one knew what to say or what to do. This was a first experience for everyone, including my teacher.

I felt great because I just found out who I was. My life, my 2nd path, has just begun.

I have major, full body chills as I retyped this memory. This is a very profound and important event that I learned about my life. It makes total sense and it explains to me, who I am and what my role is in life. If I did not discover who I was in my past lives, I would not have the gifts I have today nor be able to communicate with Angels the way I do.

Makes sense doesn't it?

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