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How To Cut Cords With The Help Of Three VERY Powerful Angels

Cord Cutting should be part of your DAILY life. Daily? Yes, daily. Don't wait until all those negative feelings and experiences fester into a physical ailment in your body. YOU have control of how you feel. Come learn three steps that will help you cut those cords that you no longer need.

A mantra is a sound or word that you repeat to yourself either during meditation or just during that day, as you see fit. Words also have vibration, so when you say them out loud, they have more oomph, so to speak. Thus, a powerful and essential mantra would be …

“I will cut cords for all that no longer serves me.”

This is a big one, which is why I have it as my #1. Before you make any movement forward, you have to end or cut what no longer serves you. That includes old ways or bad habits such as smoking, overeating, and in my opinion, the best reason to cut a cord - letting go of friendships or acquaintances that you no longer want or that no longer have a positive purpose in your life. I know for myself there are people in my life that no longer belong there for oh so many reasons. Who are those people to you? They are the ones that somehow get your blood boiling just a bit when you think about them. You don't need that negative feeling. They are the people that don't understand you or your path. You don't need them. They are the people that don't have your best interest in mind. You don't need them. They are the people that do things that you feel goes against your grain. You don't need them. Oh, this list can go on and on and on. Keep in mind that, unfortunately, some of these people also will include your family members but if those people, no matter who they are, upset you - cut the cord. So if there are people in your life that don't make you happy or smile, they don't need to be there. Here's what you do:

STEP ONE - CUT Call in Archangel Michael and tell him that you have some cords to cut. Tell him you want to start , and you want to release before you can move forward. As we all know, Archangel Michael is our Protector, and his tool is a very large, sharp sword which is perfect for cord-cutting.

These “cords” are virtual attachments that connect you to people that will only weigh you down. You want to start fresh, and there are some people and issues in your life that just don’t feel right anymore. Ask him to bring them forward. See them. Feel them. Look at them. Feels gross and annoying, right? Yes, it does, and that is why it needs to end. Leave all those bad feelings and memories behind you. Visualize all those thick, smelly, ugly, gray cords just dangling in front of your face.