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  • Donna Frasca

The Day I Met My Garden Fairy

I now know that nothing is impossible when it comes to the Spirit world. It's all about intention and being able to open yourself up to notice, feel and see the world that is there but hardly seen by most.more

About a week ago I was sitting in my backyard watching the sun about to set, like I do every night, it's my favorite time of the day.

I looked over to my right where my husband built a beautiful garden for me over the years and I refer to it as my Secret Garden. Each holiday a plant is added or a garden ornament from him or the kids, it's really a very special place for me.

I've heard about Garden Fairies before of course but had no experience with them so, it was time.

Looking at my gorgeous garden I set my intentions to meet and see my Garden Fairies. I had no expectations of what they would or should look like so I just asked to see them and waited. This is what I saw.

All of a sudden I see these two white swirly things come out from my garden about a foot off the ground. I took a picture of my garden from where I was sitting and imported it into a drawing app I have so I was able to draw in what I saw.

See the two white swirls? That is EXACTLY what I saw. They spun around slowly as they traveled past me and just disappeared.

How did I know that they were Garden Fairies?

  1. because I set my intention to see them

  2. because I called them in

  3. because after I saw them I “felt” like it was them

  4. there was a strong feeling of love and happiness after I saw it.

  5. I just knew it was them by confirming with all my senses.

Now the other thing that I've read about Garden Fairies is that they like gifts, shiny things in particular.

A few weeks after I took this picture, I thought about it for a while and decided to give them some gifts and to acknowledge and thank them for being in my garden. I happen to have some blueberries in the house and I had one costume earring that I was not ever going to wear or use again. It was fairly large, gold and had two pearls on it. It was perfect.

Evening: I took five blueberries and the earring and placed it in my garden next to a spearmint spring. Spearmint is very good for the 3rd eye chakra connection.

The next morning: Same. Nothing changed. I went back inside and went about my day. Now I usually visit my garden several times a day. Since I work from home, I go outside a lot taking frequent breaks to clear my mind and stretch my legs.

A few hours later, around 6pm: A few of the blueberries are missing and the earring has moved. Now the first thing that came to mind is that a squirrel or bird had a nice snack, which is fine … BUT …

This stone does not have any sharp edges or nor did it have any dirt on it whatsoever. The dirt in the Charlotte is an orange clay and will stain anything it touches. There was not one single mark on this stone and where did it come from? How did it get in my yard?

Oh and I forgot to mention that when Garden Fairies give gifts in return, they are usually feathers or stones of some sort.

Now if I found a feather, that could have easily been debunked because I'm an avid bird watcher and have feeders and birdbaths all over my yard. Rocks? None.

They say that gifts from Fairies have tremendous power and energies. I'll be holding onto this one for a lifetime.

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