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  • Donna Frasca

Baby I Was Born This Way!

The other day someone asked if I was like this my whole life. “Like this” meaning doing what I do and seeing what I see. I replied with a “well yea, I was born this way.”

I guess it's very similar to the LGBT community where you were born this way so you don't know any different, it's just who and what you are. No questions asked because it's “normal” to you.

A million years ago or about when I was 10 is when it all started. My weird dreams were just the first step in my very unique life path. I now realize that even though I was born this way, a very serious bought of Rubella, which almost killed me, was what launched me into this amazing psychic world.

I thought everyone had vivid crazy dreams like I did and thought nothing of it. This went on for years until I started talking to other people about my dreams and experiences. When I saw their faces I realized that mine was a little “off”. Dreams of the future, past, aliens, dead people, monsters, out of body experiences and so much more I can't even recall it all.

No one likes to be different especially at a very young age. When you think something is “normal” you have no reason to believe otherwise, life is good.

The day you find out that you're just a little bit different from everyone else, you begin to review your life, thoughts and experiences and start to question yourself.

  • Why do I have dreams like this?

  • Why doesn't everyone have dreams like this?

  • Why can't people see things happen right before they happen?

  • Can't everyone feel this? Know that? Hear that? See this?

  • Why can I experience some things that no one else can?

  • What's going on here????????

Because baby, I was born this way!!!!

After many years, and I'm in my 53rd year now, and lots of thinking and speaking with like minded-people, it wasn't until THIS year that I accepted who I am and what I do. That's a long time to put yourself on hold. Too long.

This is one of the reasons I have this blog and it wasn't easy hitting that publish button either. There comes a time in life when you accept who you are and accept that the people around you are either with you or they're not.

Some of my friends already are disconnected and I feel that and saw it coming. That's fine because it's about them, not me. I can't live my life worrying or even wasting 5 minutes of my life trying to help them understand more about me and my life. That's not my job. I just blessed them all on their journey and wish the best for them that hopefully, they will understand.

Meanwhile, I'm thrilled to no end just being me! Now that I've accepted who I am and what I do I'm just a happier person. I even had one person say to me “you're a lot nicer than you used to be” - normally my New York would have popped out and given them a smart ass answer but that's not me anymore. I just replied with:

“well when you communicate with Angels, it changes you just a bit. And that's a good thing.”

So there you have it. I was born this way and I'm good with that. I hope that whatever you have in your life that is YOURS, you are at the point where you can grasp it 100%. The easy part is knowing and understanding yourself. The hard part is watching the world try to understand you.

You can do this. It's your life, live it because baby, you and I were born this way. Donna 🌿

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