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  • Donna Frasca

Who Just Pulled My Hair? What It Means When You Feel Those Hair Tugs

Nobody likes to have their hair tugged on, especially if you can't see who just did it. I just experienced this strange feeling this year.


It felt like someone was behind me, just picking up a few hairs on the top of my head, and it was so very annoying, but I thought nothing of it at first.

It came to the point where I'd look in the mirror, and I'd see a few hairs standing straight up on end. Each strand was about 2 inches long, and they were right on top of the crown of my head. So I kept saying, "Oh, it's just static."

When I was driving, I'd say, "Oh, it's just the AC blowing on me," then notice that the vents weren't even on or facing my way.

Oh, it's just … whatever excuse I had for that day to justify why my hair was going nuts on top of my head.

One day, I was at my friend's house complaining about how it always feels like someone messes with my hair on top of my head. No sooner had I said that than I felt a really strong pull on the top of my head and raised my right hand to flatten my hair because it felt that strong.

As I did that, my hand felt a string, like yarn, about 6" above my head (many say those treads are energies that you think) as I attempted to flatten my hair that I felt rising.

My friend said she saw a chunk of my hair lifting like someone was playing with it. She laughed, and I thought it was cool but still annoying that someone or something was tugging at my hair, and I couldn't see who or what it was.

This went on for weeks and months. It wasn't scary, just a tad annoying because I kept trying to keep my hair down. I even tried using hair spray, but that only worked for a little while.

I did TONS of reading on Spirituality, Chakras, Reiki, Ghosts, you know, all the "Spooky" stuff, and one day, after I read something about the Chakras, I figured out what this hair-raising experience was all about.

It was all about my Crown Chakra opening up, and this makes total sense! The hair-raising and tugging I felt was energy from my Crown Chakra. Once it opened, the hair tugs and tingling subsided—a lot.

So remember that if you feel tingling at the top of your head, it's not bugs or goblins. It's the energy of your Crown Chakra about to open … and that's a good thing!

So the Queen gets the crown… so to speak. Wear yours well :-)

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