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  • Donna Frasca

Can Angels Get You The Best Seat On An Airplane?

My husband works for the Airlines, so we travel for free. Sounds glamorous, but we only get to fly if there are seats available, and how planes are overbooked these days, it's not possible most of the time.

We HAD to get home one morning from Florida to Charlotte and the flight was oversold.

Can Angels Get You The Best Seat On An Airplane?

“What are we going to do?” Panic set in.

Hubs: “We're not going to get on.”

Me: (insert panic face)

Hubs: “We HAVE to get on this flight because (insert a dozen reasons why he had to get home)”

Me: “We'll get on. Don't worry.”

As I sat in the very crowded airport waiting like all the other passengers, I took matters into my own hands and said “This is a job for the big guys!”

I closed my eyes and spoke with my two guys, Guides and Archangel Michael asking if they can kindly clear to seats for hubs and I for this flight. I told them that we HAD to get on this flight and I'd really appreciate if they could do this favor for us (and I didn't even mind if they were all the way in the back by the bathrooms where they usually put the screaming kids) and then I thanked them in advance.

As I sat there with a smile on my face I leaned towards my husband and said “no worries. We are getting on this flight.”

He continued to say, “I don't know, the flight is overbooked, people are boarding and there are still paying passengers and (that's my way of expressing the fact that he was talking and I wasn't listening.

I had faith because I spoke to my Angels, my Guides and I know they have by back, always.

At the last moment I heard, “Frasca. Frasca please board.” and I just smiled.

Well not only did we get on but I got THEE best seat in the house. It was by the emergency exit but in the row where there wasn't a seat in front of me! I stretched out my legs for the entire flight - it was awesome. I thanked them profusely.

I felt their presence and my throat got all lumpy from love. I looked out the window and saw a rainbow around the sun that lasted for about 10 seconds. It was not a reflection on the window because I was watching it form in a series of pictures. It was really cool! The rainbow started on the left in the center and made a full circle. As the circle was complete. It disappeared.

We were on!!!! We were going home! Oh and I also noticed that there was an Asian Monk seated right in the row in front of us that somehow gave me a safe feeling all the way home to Charlotte.

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