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2/22/2022 - What's In A Two?

Two is always better than one as they say right? Well today, two is most definitely the number to focus on. Like the scales of Libra, when the number two comes into your life, know that balance is the key issue here.

What do we need to balance? Staying centered is not always easy as our emotions sometimes get the best of us. With a slip of our words or actions, our scenarios can change in a heartbeat.

I think of contracts when I see the number two, contracts of love between you and someone else or between self and our higher self, it's like a special connection. The duality of this number to me, feels like we should always keep in mind that the world does not revolve just around us, that there is another element that in combination with us, forms the two. It's kind of nice knowing that no, it's not the ego of number one but the sensitivity of us an another that in combination, makes the whole unit. Does that makes sense?

Look at the importance of two in nature, you need two of any species to create another, from plant life, to animals to humans. To me, this feels like the number of love, sensitivity and femininity. Can a number feel feminine? Sure, and every number will feel different to each individual, there is no right or wrong feeling or answer here.

I am so not into numerology, I solely go on my intuition and this is what two feels like to me. So today, in your timezone at 2:22 am or pm, stop and pause to be in the energy of all these two's. What comes to mind for you? What does it feel like? Do you sense colors or words? Journal how you feel today and jot down your thoughts. Make the two connection with you and your higher self because when that connection is strong, all the others will just flow.


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