This is an intuitive reading and just about anything can show up from Chakra readings, Angel Insights, Mediumship to an overall energy read and most of the time this reading includes all of the above. These readings are offered via phone, recorded LIVE in a link and then provided for you or LIVE in the ZOOM platform we were can both see each other (timezones apply, I'm EST)


CHARKA READINGS: We have seven major chakras in our body. When one is a little too active or not active enough, it presents itself in the form of some 'hurt' on the body. For example. If your 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra is out of balance you may be experiencing anything from headaches to insomnia, acne or problems with your teeth. It’s all in the head area. I can SEE these chakras and know which ones are out of line, need to be cleansed, have holes in them, are torn or just need some attention in the form of healing Reiki. This service is good for anyone, every day, whether you think you have a Chakra issue or not. It’s just good to have them checked once in a while to make sure you’re feeling the best you can feel! How does this process work? I ask permission to connect with your energy. Once I do that, I can start to see your Chakras. I’ll note the ones that stand out. I view them to see if it needs to be cleaned, repaired or just to give them little TLC. I virtually hold them in my hand, feel them, give them a good spin to the right and make sure they are the color they should be. I also infuse them with healing Reiki then I place them back to where they should be, all aligned and beautiful. I know this process sounds strange but I do this to my Chakras every day and the fact that I can see them is what makes this service a success. You will also receive a recording of your reading if you choose the ZOOM platform or you may record the phone conversation. I do not take notes for you.

MEDIUMSHIP:  These are the readings that go that extra mile to really tap into and connect you with your loved ones who have crossed over. With this reading, I can feel, see or hear the messages from your loved ones that are no longer with you in the physical body but are so very present in energy. I also connect with ALL the energies around you from the people living in your life now and even your pets. Messages come in from EVERYWHERE from the energies I mentioned above even from your Angels. These messages are healing and delivered in a loving way so that you can feel and understand what they are trying to tell you. I invite you to read one of my favorite Mediumship sessions in: “I Want To Dance With My Girls Again: A Father's Message from The Other Side”


ANGEL INSIGHTS: Our Angels are always around and particularly love showing up in readings. They give beautiful advice and guidance to the questions you may have or show their support if you have a general question and just want to hear from them. 




Intuitive Readings

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    • Readings are all about energy.
    • I connect with your energy, your Guides, Angels and passed loved ones.
    • Please download the ZOOM app for all devices or provide a phone number.
    • All readings are 30 minutes but can be extended to an hour at an additional rate of $75 for the hour. If you're interested in an hour reading for $75, send me an email at and I will provide a link to PayPal for you.
  • Sorry there are not refunds on these servies. All sales final.

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