These are one of a kind healing empowerment cards and are very different from any of the cards you used before. 


On the front of your cards will be an emotion or thought that you may be experiencing. On the back, will be a color sequence with a channeled message to help heal it. 


Spread the cards out on the table and choose the card that you are drawn to. Look at the front and feel it. View the back and look at the colors shapes. Feel that energy. 


Read the channeled message and process how you feel. Give yourself a few days with each card that you work with before you go onto the other cards. 


There is a 35-page PDF guidebook available for download after your purchase. You connect with the deck, the colors, and the messages. Come to your unique conclusion based on how you feel when looking at the colors.


Congratulations! You're on your way to begin your self-healing and empowerment when it comes to your thoughts and feelings. 


Let the colors be your guide and keep in mind, Color Cures but healing takes time, you can do it.

Color Cures: Self Healing Cards

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