I am. Yes, that encompasses a lot. I hear, speak with, see, and feel Spirit. Since I was 10 years old after living through a NDE (near-death experience from measles) this is the norm for me. It's my life and I welcome you to join this amazing world with me! 

So Welcome! I invite you to read about how Angel Hug 2:34 got started.



I Just Got Yelled At By A Spirit!

Did you ever get yelled at by a spirit person? If they were feisty in life, they will be feisty in the afterlife. Listen to this. I’m at my MIL house and a keep hearing the name George over and over. I knew there was no George who passed in the family otherwise I’d hear about it. In my mind I asked “Who’s George?” and heard GEORGIA! Not George!” “Omg! Don’t yell at me!” as I chuckled! I knew my MIL had a very close friend named Georgia. I leaned over and said to my MIL “Georgia is here and she’s talking to me.” She says “Remember the time we drank champagne?” Then I see Georgia point to a small silver boxy thing. I asked my MIL if Georgia ever gave her a small silver “box” and she said yes.

New Service: Angel Messages

I love starting the day with messages from my Angels. It gives me focus and encouragement to get through my day. This is a digital service that you can order for just $15. Please visit the SHOP for details.

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