I am. Yes, that encompasses a lot. I hear, speak with, see, and feel Spirit. Since I was 10 years old after living through a NDE (near-death experience from measles) this is the norm for me. It's my life and I welcome you to join this amazing world with me! 

So Welcome! I invite you to read about how Angel Hug 2:34 got started.



The Power Of Moldavite

It's a fascinating, powerful stone. There's always a reason you are drawn to a crystal.

What Is The Full Moon Really About?

From the extreme darkness of black to the brightest of whites, the moon is a physical reminder to keep our lives in balance. We all go throu

The Butterfly Is An Amazing Symbol

Focus on your gut feelings or those “butterflies” in your belly. YOU are the strongest spiritual tool you'll ever need.

The Day I Met My Garden Fairy

I now know that nothing is impossible when it comes to the Spirit world. Today, I set out to meet my garden fairies.

Why Do Tattoos Show Up A Lot In My Mediumship Readings?

Tattoos that were once just ink in a jar become infused with the body. When I do readings, I read the energy field or aura of the person and tattoos, now become infused with the energy of a person. I never thought I'd be posting about tattoos here in this blog but after seeing many tattoos show up in my readings, it needs to be addressed. I would have NEVER thought that tattoos would be such an important element in readings but when you think about it, anything that a person permanently infuses to their body HAS to be important to them, this is why I can see it. One of the first tattoo I saw in a reading years ago was so, so subtle I almost looked it over. Good thing I didn't because it woun

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