I am. Yes, that encompasses a lot. I hear, speak with, see, and feel Spirit. Since I was 10 years old after living through a NDE (near-death experience from measles) this is the norm for me. It's my life and I welcome you to join this amazing world with me! 

So Welcome! I invite you to read about how Angel Hug 2:34 got started.



What Is A Chakra Reading?

Ever feel a little “floaty?” When we are not properly grounded, we get a little misplaced and find it hard to concentrate. Balancing the Roo

A Letter To My Angels

I'd like to say something today that we've all gone through at one point. There are times in life, almost daily, when things happen

About Donna Frasca

It's always good to know a little about the person behind the blog. Come meet me and hear a little bit of my story.

Celebrate LIFE Instead of Mourning Death

CELEBRATE life as you remember the good times. Don't mourn and dwell in sadness. I KNOW as people pass, they never leave us, they just c

How To Heal Your Addictions

Come see the healing side of my Color Cures cards - how to heal your ADDICTIONS with color

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