I am. Yes, that encompasses a lot. I hear, speak with, see, and feel Spirit. Since I was 10 years old after living through a NDE (near-death experience from measles) this is the norm for me. It's my life and I welcome you to join this amazing world with me! 

So Welcome! I invite you to read about how Angel Hug 2:34 got started.



Can Angels Get You The Best Seat On An Airplane?

My husband works for the Airlines so we travel for free. Sounds glamorous but we only get to fly if there are seats available and how planes are overbooked these days, it's not possible most of the time. We HAD to get home one morning from Florida to Charlotte and the flight was oversold. “What are we going to do?” Panic set in. Hubs: “We're not going to get on.” Me: (insert panic face) Hubs: “We HAVE to get on this flight because (insert a dozen reasons why he had to get home)” Me: “We'll get on. Don't worry.” As I sat in the very crowded airport waiting like all the other passengers I took matters into my own hands and said “this is a job for the big guys!” I closed my eyes and spoke with

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